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HA1968 Air Disinfection Purifier

HA1968 air purifier manufacturer CADR reaches 1500m³/h.

As an air disinfection machine, it comes with a powerful composite filter Pre Filter+HEPA 13+Carbon Filter+Dust-Proof the gauze of the composite filter. UV and 1 million Anion for optional.

  • 1500m³/h CADR for particulate matter

  • Application area: 100~170㎡

  • Mobile APP Control and Wifi connect

  • Smart touching and Laser sensor


High-value products, designed for hospitals, hotels and schools. HA196 flagship series products use composite filter technology and laser sensor to efficiently capture the 0.1-0.3um particulates in the air, and the turbo fan combines low noise according to the most advanced centrifugal technology.

Three work models to help machines act like your friends around you. 1500m³/h high CADR is caring for you at every angle.

HA1968 Air disinfection Machine is a Friendly-selected product, it will be your family shield when needed.


Product name Air Disinfection machine
Model No. HA1968
Filter HEPA+Carbon + Dust-proof gauze of composite filter
CADR 1500m³/h
Work models
Sleep , Auto, Silence
Anion/Wifi Optional
Rate power
Rated voltage / frequency 220V~ ,50Hz/60Hz
Power rated 110W
Nosie 67dBA (Sound power)- sleep low level 34 dBA , high level 67 dBA
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Particles Sensor
Laser sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor
Application area 100~170㎡
N.W 24.2Kg
G.W 28.5Kg
PM2.5 CCM P4
Accumulated purification volume (formaldehyde) H12 HEPA+ carbon (Remove formaldehyde):1000m³/h
Purification efficiency (particulate matter) High efficiency level
Purification efficiency (formaldehyde) High efficiency level
Filter grades / Thickness TBD
Filter sizes 640*300*73mm
Prodct Sizes 398X398X850mm(wheels included)
Color box size: 515*505*970mm


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