Air Purifiers for Restaurants

Air purifiers can help improve the air in your restaurant, keeping it safe for those who come to eat in it. They help eradicate threats and triggers in a restaurant that people visit often.

Why Quality Air Purifiers Matter in Restaurants

Viruses (including Covid-19)

Viruses are the tiniest of microbes and are transferred easily from one host to another through little contact from the air or physical touches. Employing an air purifier to help eradicate these viruses is what most reputable restaurants do.


Quality air purifiers help in eliminating dust particles in restaurants. A dust particle comprising of different species of microbes should not be seen in a place where people eat. That is why it is essential to get a quality air purifier that can eradicate dust particles from your restaurant. 


Cooking smells are common in restaurants, but not all customers would love to perceive them. Smells from some natural spices like garlic and onion are not loved by everyone. 

Air purifiers aid in eliminating these cooking smells alongside other odors. The air purifier captures the smelly air, filters it out, and releases quality air in the restaurant for customers to breathe.


Air purifiers are employed to eliminate gas traces found in the air while delivering quality air to customers. Technological advancements have led to the development of machines to ease hard labor.

Ironically, these machines release gases into the air that contain both harmful and non-harmful components that could trigger allergies in a customer. So, investing in an air purifier that can trap these harmful gases will be wise.

What to Shop for in a Restaurant Air Purifier

Multiple Filtration Systems

Air purifiers clean out poor air by passing it through a filter that eliminates any particles found. However, some particles are not caught if passed through just one filter. HisoAir air purifiers have multiple filtration systems, including pre-filters, HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters.


A quality air purifier should have a high CADR (clean air delivery rate) that speeds up the filtration and circulation of clean air. HisoAir air purifiers have a large CADR and a uniquely designed air duct that is essential for smooth air circulation.

Medical Grade UV Purification Technology

When shopping for a restaurant air purifier, another thing you must check is whether the purifier has UV purification technology. Air purifiers with UV technology are effective against bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Best Air Purifiers for Restaurants

Air Purifiers 3000 sq ft

Applicable area 170m²
Max CADR 1500m3/h (889CFM)


Air Purifiers for Entire House

Applicable area 70-120m²
Max CADR 1200m3/h (731CFM)

Home Hepa Air Purifier

Applicable area 55-94m²
Max CADR 800m3/h (472CFM)

Residential UV Light Air Purifiers

Applicable area 49-84m²
Max CADR 700m3/h (416CFM)

Air Purifiers For Small Rooms

Applicable area 28-48m²
Max CADR 400m3/h (240CFM)


Wall Mounted Air Purifiers

Applicable area 30-50m²
Max CADR 450m3/h (294CFM)

Why Restaurants Should Invest in Air Purifiers

It makes your customers feel safer

In this present time, where lots of chemicals and gases are released into the air, anything that helps purify the air inhaled makes people feel safer. An air purifier serves this purpose, making your customers feel safe.

It provides clean and healthy air

Different kinds of people visit the restaurants, including asthmatic, allergic, and healthy people. All these sets of people deserve to breathe clean air. An air purifier will help to prevent triggers in allergic and asthmatic people.

Adds to the elegance of a restaurant’s décor

Some air purifiers do more than clean the air. Current models of HisoAir air purifiers come in a sleek design that adds beauty to any space they are placed. These air purifiers fit perfectly into any decor, including restaurants.

It reduces the chance of inhaling kitchen fumes

The most prevalent smell in restaurants is smoke and odor that results from kitchen fumes. An air purifier will help reduce random smells, smoke, and gases. It reduces the number of kitchen fumes inhaled by your customers.

Why Restaurants Should Invest in Air Purifiers

HisoAir air purifiers are designed to offer transformational health relief to customers. We are a brand on a mission to eradicate threats in the air that may affect human health. HisoAir is a top pick by experts because of the following reasons:

Advanced HEPA Filter

One of the innovative features found in HisoAir air purifiers is our advanced HEPA filter technology for maximum filtration. Our HEPA filter can catch and trap viruses, bacteria, and other small airborne particles and pollutants. It can trap particles as tiny as 0.1 um and has a 99.9% bacteria removal rate.


CADR determines how fast or slow an air purifier can remove particles from the air and replace it with clean air. A quality air purifier is expected to do this at a fast rate irrespective of the room capacity. HisoAir air purifiers is one of such quality air purifiers that has a high CADR.

Multiple Layer Filters

Effective air purifiers, like HisoAir, use multiple filtration systems to effectively rid the air of contaminants. These multiple layers include a pre-filter that captures larger particles, a HEPA filter that traps smaller particles, and an activated carbon filter that removes tiny particles like smoke and gases.

Low Noise

HisoAir air purifiers come with advanced features, including Decibel Cancellation™ Technology which ensures low noise. This feature stands out in restaurants because no one wants to eat with all the noise from machines. Our air purifiers have noise levels 5-10 decibels (dB) lower than our competitors.

Industry Leading Restaurant Air Purifier Manufacturer from China

HisoAir’s team of renowned engineers, designers, and scientists have over 20 years of experience in this industry. They design and manufacture innovative air purifiers that come with technologies like Wi-Fi technology and UV purification technologies.

As a leading restaurant air purifier manufacturer, we have provided OEM/ODM service for leading brands across the world. We prioritize our customers, and we ensure we deliver air purifiers that are tailored to meet their needs.

If you need an air purifier manufacturer to deliver quality air purifiers for your restaurant, consider HisoAir. You can contact us today to get a quote.

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