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HisoAir is a leading small air purifier manufacturer that specializes in producing portable air purifiers for a variety of applications. If you are looking for a compact air purifier manufacturer for your space, Hisoair has what you need. 

    Air Purifiers for Small Rooms

    Hisoair as a supplier with a self-owned factory provides global air purifier brands and contractors with small room air purifiers, be they for residential or commercial uses.


    Air purifier for 50 -150 square feet

    Air Volume (CADR): 120m3/h (70CFM)
    Max Application Area: 12m² (129ft²)


    Air purifier for 300- 400 square feet

    Applicable area 30-50m²
    Max CADR 450m3/h (294CFM)


    Air purifier for 150-250 square feet

    Applicable  area 12m²
    Max CADR 120m3/h (70CFM)


    Air purifier 400- 450 sq ft

    Applicable area 20m²
    Max CADR 340m3/h (200CFM)

    Air purifier for 250-300square feet

    Applicable area 28-48m²
    Max CADR 400m3/h (240CFM)

    HisoAir Model HA-138

    Air purifier for 450- 500 square feet

    Applicable area 49-84m² 
    Max CADR 707m3/h (416CFM)

    Small room hepa air purifier

    HisoAir's air purifiers have proficient HEPA filters that exude durability and efficiency. They capture tiny particulate matters, preventing them from circulating back in your large indoor space.

    Small quiet air purifiers

    HisoAir air purifiers operate with noise-mitigation technologies. The fans and motors of our devices are resistant to vibrations and sound-causing movements, with noise-proof enclosures.

    Small room air purifier with uv light

    Hisoair air purifiers with UV light  can help neutralize these harmful pathogens gradually.

    The UV lights are safe to use and don't cause unwanted health effects.

    Portable Carbon Filter

    Hisoair air purifiers with innovative activated carbon filters that trap odor-causing substances and elements and against volatile organic compounds and gaseous compounds.

    Best Rated Small Air Purifier Brands Who Trust Hisoair

    HisoAir holds a spot in the market as one of the topmost small air purifier manufacturers today. We provide a wide selection of private labeling small air purifiers that are trusted by best air purifier brands. They are:

    3M Air Purifier
    3M Air Purifier
    Haier Air Purifier
    Haier Air Purifier
    TCL Air Purifier
    TCL Air Purifier
    Carrier Air Purifier
    Carrier Air Purifier
    Boneco Air Purifier
    Boneco Air Purifier
    Alen Air Purifier
    mapleton public schools
    mapleton public schools
    Blueair Air Purifier
    Whirlpool Air Purifier
    Whirlpool Air Purifier
    Our health service
    Our health service
    Karcher Air Purifier
    Karcher Air Purifier

    How to Get Your Small Air Purifier Order

    1. Design portable air purifier 

    During the designing and researching process HisoAir addresses the potential factors that may impact your brand and vice versa. Based on your specifications, the team determines which existing air purifiers to offer and recommend.

    1. Make a sample

    This consists solely of mock-ups and samples. We’ll test after we complete the prototype. This is where we will conclude what other aspects our product requires and whether they should be added or removed.

    1. Mass production

    The manufacturing process begins once all of the components of the finalized sample are tested and approved. This will cover the entire quantity of products required by the client.

    Intelligent Hisoair Air Purification Technology

    Leads the intelligent way of your bath life with HisoMedical latest technology.

    • Hospital grade purifier technology

      Hospital grade purifier technology

    • Virus free filter

      Virus free filter

    • 99.9% bacterial removal rate

      99.9% bacterial removal rate

    • High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

      High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

    • 0.1um Medical grade HEPA

      0.1um Medical grade HEPA

    • 254nm UVC light sterilization

      254-280nm UVC light sterilization

    • HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

      HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

    • Tested by SGS & independent Labs

      Tested by SGS & independent Labs

    • Wireless-remote-control-technology-circle

      Wi-Fi remote control technology

    • touch-button-technology-circle

      LCD panel indicator technology


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