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HA101 Air Purifier

Home using Air Purifier and air sterilizer with Nylon prefilter, HEPA 13 and activated anion works together.

The high 200CADR for particulate matter can help you breath forest fresh air without any hinder.

  • With 200m³/h High CADR for particulate matter

  • 100m³/h for formaldehyde

  • Low noise best use for bedroom and living room


This is a product created for the family to breathe freely. In addition to the use of composite filters such as HEPA and activated carbon, HA101 also adds the function of active anion filtering. When the machine is turned on, it releases millions of anions, actively increasing oxygen ions in the air.

HA101 use with true HEPA 13 filter, modified catalytic carbon filter, nano-photocatalytic materials and anion, can be targeted at PM2.5, 0.1-0.3um particulate matter elimination. The best HA101 for Bedroom, bring you a freely feeling of nature.


Product name Air Purifier
Model No. HA101
Rated voltage / frequency 220v~50Hz
Power rated 50W
Nosie ≤49dB(A)
Anion 8*107PCS/cm³
Application area 13~31 m²
N.W 5kgs
G.W 6kgs
Clean air volume (particulate matter) 260m³/h
Clean air volume (formaldehyde) 100m³/h
Accumulated purification volume (particulate matter) P2
Accumulated purification capacity (formaldehyde) F3
Purification efficiency (particulate matter) Qualified level
Purification efficiency (formaldehyde) Qualified level
Prodct Sizes 330*180*500mm
Packing Sizes 350*230*580mm


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