High CADR Air Purifier
Model HA1968

Applicable area: 170m2
Air Volume (CADR): 1500m3/h CADR
Sterilization Principle: H12/13/14 HEPA, UVC Light
UVC Lamp: 270-280nm UVC Light
Machine Size: 850*398*398mm


    Advantages of HA1968 air purifier:

    The HisoMedical HA1968 air purifier technology removes 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants.

    99.9% Bacterial Removal

    HA1968 air purifier has 99.9% bacterial removal rate.

    170m² Applicable area

    The applicable area can reach 170 square meters, like home space.

    1500m3/h CADR

    The CADR called the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 1500m3/h.

    99.9% H1N1 Rate

    The virus removal rate and H1N1 rate all is 99.9%.

    0.1um Medical Grade HEPA

    The high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) reaches 0.1um medical grade.

    270-280nm UVC Light

    HA1968 air purifier with 270-280nm-Ultraviolet lamp catalysis.



    It can catch and trap larger particles and airborne. And this filter is very easy to disassemble and clean directly by the water.

    HEAP Fliter

    As HEAP filters can catch and trap bacteria, viruses, and smaller airborne particles and pollutants, >99.99% PM2.5 removal rate.

    Activated Carbon Filters

    This layer of filter can efficiently and lastingly adsorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene, odor, etc.

    Intelligent Technology

    Leads the intelligent way of your bath life with HisoMedical latest technology.

    • Hospital grade purifier technology

      Hospital grade purifier technology

    • Virus free filter

      Virus free filter

    • 99.9% bacterial removal rate

      99.9% bacterial removal rate

    • High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

      High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

    • 0.1um Medical grade HEPA

      0.1um Medical grade HEPA

    • 254nm UVC light sterilization

      270-280nm UVC light sterilization

    • HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

      HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

    • Tested by SGS & independent Labs

      Tested by SGS & independent Labs

    Description & Specification

    HA1968 is a high-performance and high-performance air purifier, and supports high customization. You can customize the exclusive air purifier you need according to your market needs and application scenarios, such as appearance, material, filter, etc. Contact our experts for an exclusive quote.

    Items HA-1968
    Demensions (L x W x H) 400*390*853mm
    Product weight 24.2 kgs
    Energy consumtion 135 W
    Sound level 38-66 dB
    Air outlet Left and Right sides
    Air inlet Front and Back sides
    Application area 90-180m2
    Clean air delivery rate (CADR)-PM2.5 230m3/h  (391CFM)
    230m3/h  (391CFM)
    675m3/h  (1147.5CFM)
    815m3/h  (1385.5CFM)
    975m3/h  (1657.5CFM)
    1512m3/h (2570.5CFM)
    Technologies Pre-filter                         Yes
    Antibacterial filter           Yes
    H13 HEPA filter               Yes (H14 optional)
    Activated carbon filter    Yes
    Anion                               Yes (optional)
    Photocatalyst                   Yes (optional)
    UVC lamp                         Yes (optional)
    Sensor PM2.5 sensor   Yes
    CO2 sensor       Yes (optional)
    Temperature & humidity  Yes (optional)
    WIFI (Tuya APP) Yes
    Certificates CE-EMC, CE-LVD, ROHS, CADR & Noise, Ozone & UVC Leakage, WIFI, EN1822, Antibacterial filter test report
    Carton Size (L x W x H) 515*505*970mm
    Gross Weight 28.5 kgs
    Loading quantity (20ft/ 40ft/ 40hq) 110units/ 220units/ 250units

    Are You Looking for a Reliable Supplier of Air Purifier?

    HisoMedical can provide you with air purifiers that perform well, in addition to custom-made or
    OEM ODM JDM air purifiers of your brand.

      Application studies

      HisoMedical's air purifiers can be highly customized according to your usage scenarios, and are widely used in hospitals, institutions, commercial places, offices and homes, etc..

      Customer feedback

      HisoMedical is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, thus gaining a good reputation in the market. See what our customers have said to us.

      Paul Ryan

      Ireland manager

      "I can honestly say that having worked with HISO AIR over the past three years I would consider them as one of the most professional, customer-focused, and product quality-driven company's that I have worked within recent years."

      John I Royo

      General manager

      "This is a very dynamic team. I have had many contacts and cooperated with them. But from the Air Disinfection Machine and Air Purifier field, they have given me a lot of professional supports, especially in model and CADR choose"

      James Pace

      Germany CEO

      " I found HisoMedical from their website. After confirming the customizable needs about the air cleaner, they replied they can do modifications as I request. So I highly recommended them as your air purifiers business partner "


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