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HisoAir is the leading manufacturer of high-quality air purifiers. We offer a plethora of air cleaners, such as medical-grade, wall-mounted air purifiers. Moreover, our air purifiers meet the global standards for effective air filtration in residential, commercial applications.

As an air purifier manufacturer and supplier, we guarantee the reliability and efficiency of our products. Our team of experts and engineers enabled our air purifiers to capture as many airborne contaminants, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and safe. Customer satisfaction and quality assurance are among our priorities!



    As a professional air purifier manufacturer, HisoMedical provides different air purifier solutions, which can be highly customized
    according to your target market and usage scenarios.



    170m² Applicable area, 1500m3/h CADR, 254nm UVC Light, HEAP H14 H13 H12 Filters



    55-94m² Applicable area, 780m3/h CADR, 254nm UVC Light, HEAP H14 H13 H12 Filters



    49-84m² Applicable area, 680m3/h CADR, LED*3 UVC Light, HEAP H14 H13 Filters



    28-48m² Applicable area, 400m3/h CADR, 254nm UVC Light, HEAP H14 H13 H12 Filters


    HA-W400 (Wall-Mounted)

    30-50m² Applicable area, 500m3/h CADR, 254nm UVC Light, HEAP H14 H13 H12 Filters

    Intelligent Technology

    Leads the intelligent way of your bath life with HisoMedical latest technology.

    • Hospital grade purifier technology

      Hospital grade purifier technology

    • Virus free filter

      Virus free filter

    • 99.9% bacterial removal rate

      99.9% bacterial removal rate

    • High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

      High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

    • 0.1um Medical grade HEPA

      0.1um Medical grade HEPA

    • 254nm UVC light sterilization

      254-280nm UVC light sterilization

    • HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

      HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

    • Tested by SGS & independent Labs

      Tested by SGS & independent Labs

    • Wireless-remote-control-technology-circle

      Wi-Fi remote control technology

    • touch-button-technology-circle

      LCD panel indicator technology

    Bulk Air Purifier Supply For Your Needs

    We at HisoAir are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality air cleaners. Regardless of your needs and requirements, we got the right air purifier for you. Check our provisions below!

    HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

    One of the best types of air purifiers today is those that are using HEPA filters. These HEPA filters capture contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. Within this scale, you'll find the most harmful airborne pollutants, such as allergens and pathogens.

    HisoAir's air purifiers have proficient HEPA filters that exude durability and efficiency. They capture tiny particulate matters, preventing them from circulating back in your indoor space.

    UV Air Purifiers

    Our air purifiers also have a UV light, which is an essential feature if you are concerned about germs, bacteria, and viruses. The UV lights in our air purifiers can help neutralize these harmful pathogens gradually.

    Furthermore, the UV lights in HisoAir air purifiers are safe. They don't cause unwanted health effects, which is one of their beneficial feats!

    Quiet Air Purifiers

    Air purifiers have to operate without generating excessive noise. After all, these devices are commonly used in areas with high human traffic or in noise-sensitive environments.

    We are proud to showcase that HisoAir air purifiers operate with noise-mitigation technologies. The fans and motors of our devices are resistant to vibrations and sound-causing movements. We also built our air purifiers in noise-proof enclosures.

    Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

    Those who are looking to free their indoor air from foul odor should consider using our air purifiers. After all, we have equipped our products with innovative activated carbon filters that trap odor-causing substances and elements.

    Moreover, our carbon filters are also effective against volatile organic compounds and gaseous compounds. Our engineers ensured that these filter mediums could keep these pollutants in check so that you can breathe clean, fresh air.

    Air Purifiers And Cleaners In Wholesale: Their Applications

    You need air purifiers more than you think. Keep in mind that indoor air pollution is already a severe problem these days. It is not only outside that you can breathe harmful pollutants. Even inside the premises of your living spaces, these invisible threats are present.

    Car Air Purifiers

    Your car requires the service of portable or mini air purifiers. You see, these air purifiers are capable of reducing COVID-19 transmission, which can happen inside your vehicles. Specifically, air purifiers with HEPA filters are great for this job, as they capture the virus that spreads the disease. 

    But even if COVID-19 isn't your main concern, car air purifiers remain essential. They can keep your car's interior from pollutants that can deteriorate its quality and freshness.

    Home Air Purifiers

    More than anything, your house needs a high-quality air purifier. After all, homes are exposed to different types of contaminants. These air pollutants may come outside or inside your living spaces. If left unattended, you and your family are at risk of developing respiratory illnesses and complications.

    Ordinary cleaning methods can't remove these particulate matters from the air. On the other hand, air purifiers are effective when it comes to this task. They capture airborne pollutants and minimize their presence in your homes.

    Bedroom Air Purifiers

    Many people don't know that bedrooms are susceptible to polluted air. Your bed, mattress, and pillows can gather dust and dirt from your body. Furthermore, dust mites may also be lingering around, and the residues they produce may cause irritation, coughing, and sneezing.

    Aside from regular cleaning, it is essential that you run air purifiers in your bedrooms. They ensure that you don't inhale harmful stuff while you are sleeping, resting, or doing other stuff in your bedroom.

    Room Air Purifiers

    Similar to bedrooms, various parts of your home also need the layer of safety that air purifiers can provide. Kitchens are prone to growing mold and odor. Living rooms can be plagued by dirt, pet dander, and debris. Mold spores may be lingering in your basements.

    You wouldn't want these pollutants to remain floating in the air. They can make your entire property and build less conducive for occupation. Fortunately, air purifiers can prevent this dire situation from happening.

    Office Air Purifiers

    There's a good chance that your office has polluted indoor air. On the surface, it may appear clean and organized. But in reality, it is riddled with various contaminants. From building materials to dust, your office space isn't really safe when it comes to airborne threats.

    Hence, it is essential that you install an air purifier in your office or workplace. This device can guarantee that you can work safely and progressively.

    Commercial Air Purifiers

    Not all whole-house air purifiers have to be installed in a single space. We offer portable options that offer extensive air purification capabilities. These air purifiers are beneficial for homeowners who have specific requirements regarding where they want their air purifiers to operate.

    HisoAir air purifiers are portable. But at the same time, they are suitable for areas with large square footage. That's a quality that you would want for an air purifier.

      Why Choose HisoAir

      Fast Delivery

      Even if we are an international supplier, we ensure no delays in our deliveries. We fast-track our shipping and guarantee that your orders arrive on time or on the earliest date possible. If there are problems with the delivery, simply contact our service right away!

      Discounted Pricing

      Our air purifiers aren't cheap. But they aren't overpriced, either. We set our rates competitively, making them comparable to other notable brands of air purifiers out there. Just contact us, and you'll be able to get a quotation that will match your requirements.

      Bulk Supply

      HisoAir has dedicated factories for manufacturing air purifiers in large quantities. We have a quality management team that supervises the entire production. This assures that even if we produce our air suppliers in mass quantities, their quality and structural durability aren't compromised.

      Your Reliable Air Purifier Distributor


      HisoAr is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of air purifiers and air cleaning systems. We also provide OEM/ODM services to other top brands of air purifiers in the world today. With more than years of experience, HisoAir has already introduced several innovations to its products. Our air purifiers are powerful, effective, and energy-efficient. We engineered them to become durable and long-lasting, as well.

      We also have a competitive workforce. They are trained to handle their respective tasks and projects responsibly. Because of these qualities, HisoAir has already fulfilled numerous projects, satisfying our customers and preserving the integrity of our products and services. Visit HisoAir and get the best air purifiers now!

      Want to customize an air purifier for office?

      Are You Looking for a Reliable Supplier of Air Purifier?

      HisoMedical can provide you with air purifiers that perform well, in addition to custom-made or
      OEM ODM JDM air purifiers of your brand.

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