Medical Grade
Air Purifier Manufacturer
Model No. HA-1601

Applicable area: 55-94m2
Air Volume (CADR): 800m3/h CADR
Sterilization Principle: H12/13/14 HEPA, UVC Light
UVC Lamp: 254nm UVC Light
Machine Size: 769*390*360mm


Advantages of HA-1601 air purifier:

The HisoMedical HA-1601 air purifier technology removes 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants.

99.9% Bacterial Removal

HA1601 air purifier has 99.9% bacterial removal rate.

94m² Applicable area

The applicable area can reach 94 square meters, like home space.

800m3/h CADR

The CADR called the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 800m3/h.

99.9% H1N1 Rate

The virus removal rate and H1N1 rate all is 99.9%.

0.1um Medical Grade HEPA

The high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) reaches 0.1um medical grade.

254nm UVC Light

HA1601 air purifier with 254nm-Ultraviolet lamp catalysis.


HA-1601-Anti-bacteria Filter

Anti-bacteria Filter

Destroy the RNA structure of the virus, the remove rate is 99%.

HEAP Fliter

As HEAP filters can catch and trap bacteria, viruses, and smaller airborne particles and pollutants, >99.99% PM2.5 removal rate.

Built-in CO2 Sensor

According to EU new law to measure the carbon dioxide emissions in the space. Figure out the air quality condition.

Intelligent Technology

Leads the intelligent way of your bath life with HisoMedical latest technology.

  • Hospital grade purifier technology

    Hospital grade purifier technology

  • Virus free filter

    Virus free filter

  • 99.9% bacterial removal rate

    99.9% bacterial removal rate

  • High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

    High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

  • 0.1um Medical grade HEPA

    0.1um Medical grade HEPA

  • 254nm UVC light sterilization

    254nm UVC light sterilization

  • HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

    HEAP H14 H13 Anti-bacteria filters

  • Tested by SGS & independent Labs

    Tested by SGS & independent Labs

Description & Specification

HA1601 is a high-performance and high-performance air purifier, and supports high customization. You can customize the exclusive air purifier you need according to your market needs and application scenarios, such as appearance, material, filter, etc. Contact our experts for an exclusive quote.

Machine Size: 769*390*360mm
Air Volume (CADR) 800m3/h
Formaldehyde (CADR) 260m3/h
CCM (Particles)/CCM(Formaldehyde) P4/F4
Applicable area 55-94m2
Shell Material ABS
Certificate CE, RoHS, FCC
Sterilization Principle H12/13/14 HEPA, UVC Light
Nosie 34-67dB (China Standard)
EU Standrad: ≤56dB
Gross Weight 15kgs

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HisoMedical can provide you with air purifiers that perform well, in addition to custom-made or
OEM ODM JDM air purifiers of your brand.

    Application studies

    HisoMedical's air purifiers can be highly customized according to your usage scenarios, and are widely used in hospitals, institutions, commercial places, offices and homes, etc..


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