Hepa Air Purifier

If you're looking for hepa filter air purifier that can be made with your logo, Hisoair as a HEPA filter air purifier manufacturer got you covered. Our air purifiers carry high-quality HEPA filters which removes 99.9% of air contaminants as per the US Department of Energy.

    Best small h13 hepa air purifier

    Hisoair as a professional small air purifier manufacturer has a full portable uv air purifier line by spontages covering from 5 square meters to 30 square meters.


    Hisoair HA-1070

    Applicable area 12m²
    Max CADR 120m3/h  (70CFM))


    Hisoair HA-1296

    Applicable area 20m²
    Max CADR 240m3/h (141CFM)

    HisoAir Model HA-139

    Hisoair HA-139

    Applicable area 28-48 m²
    Max CADR 400m3/h (240CFM)

    Top Rated HEPA Filter Air Purifiers Made in China with Full Purification

    Eliminates Viruses

    While viruses, especially COVID-19, causes constant worry because of their continuous accumulation and variants, HisoAir vows protection. Ingestion and contamination of these viruses will not be even slightly possible as long as you have air purifiers with HEPA filters.

    Removes Dust

    HisoAir’s air purifiers assure a complete removal of air contaminants, including dust. Their accumulation in enclosed spaces can be prevented right away through HEPA filters. They are designed to 99.9% eliminate these particles, airborne or not.

    Terminates Odors

    Unpleasant odors can cause health risks if not eliminated immediately in common living spaces, especially enclosed ones. With the help of reliable air purifiers with HEPA filters, unwanted odors caused by harmful air contaminants can be avoided.

    Eliminates Allergens

    Air allergens are one of the most common issues for people who have skin and olfactory sensitivities. In certainty, it is a must to have an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove these dangerous substances and keep them from causing serious infections.

    Eliminates Bacterias

    Another known dangerous microorganisms are the pollens. Among all the other contaminants, pollen should be taken a little more seriously. With HisoAir purifiers, these particles that commonly cause viruses will surely be terminated out of the areas where they will be put in.

    Improves Air Quality

    Air quality is unquestionably safe and optimal as the company places importance on the continuous development of its innovations. HisoAir conducted loads of studies in order to develop medical grade HEPA filtrations. It has gain approval from numerous independent laboratories to be certified safe before supplying in the industry.


    VOCs are gaseous compounds emitted by cosmetics and cleaning products that are commonly found in most wash rooms. They may also be produced by the materials used to construct any rooms. Air purifiers with excellent HEPA filters can reduce the risks of respiratory issues that these substances can cause to your family.

    Large room hepa air purifier

    Hisoair as a professional supplier has a full air purifier for medium-sized rooms by spontages covering from 35 square meters to 55 square meters. 

    Hisoair air purifier

    Hisoair HA-400

    Applicable area 48m²
    Max CADR 400m3/h (235CFM)


    Hisoair HA-600

    Applicable area 78m²
    Max CADR 650m3/h (382CFM)

    HisoAir HA-1601

    Hisoair HA-1601

    Applicable area 55-94m2
    Max CADR 800m3/h CADR


    Hisoair HA-1000

    Applicable area 120m²
    Max CADR 1000m3/h (588CFM)

    Hisoair air purifier

    Hisoair HA-1300

    Applicable area 150m²
    Max CADR 1500m3/h (882CFM)


    Hisoair HA-1968

    Applicable area 90-180m2
    Max CADR 1500m3/h (889cfm)

    Why Hisoair h13 hepa air purifier

    Quiet Hepa Air Purifier

    Noise control remains one of the top qualities we maintain in our air purifiers. Regardless of how you would like your fan speed and swings to operate, HisoAir air purifiers retain their low noise. Our products are programmed for noise-sensitive spaces.

    Hepa Carbon Air Purifier

    Our air purifiers use high-efficiency, long-lasting carbon filters that can remove 99.9% of harmful airborne particles. These filters can remove viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants that the naked eye cannot see.

    Hepa Uv Light Air Purifier

    our air purifiers are equipped with durable ultroviate light that can be available for night air purification

    H13 hepa air purifiers for commercial & residential uses

    Hosair with capability from design to manufacture has manufactured  h13 hepa air purifiers for commercial and residential use, to help clients requiring air purifiers in need of indoor air purifications and filtration. 

    Efficient h13 hepa air purifier for air filtration

    Highly effective HEPA filters made in Hisoair are designed and innovated to provide protection through eliminating viruses and airborne substances that commonly cause diseases to humans. With these filters, homes and working spaces are guaranteed good and safe air quality.

    Hepa Air Purifier for Mold

    Hepa Air Purifier for vVirus

    hepa air purifier for smoke

    Best Rated h13 HEPA Air Purifier Brands Who Trust Hisoair

    HisoAir holds a spot in the market as one of the topmost small air purifier manufacturers today. We provide a wide selection of private labeling h13 hepa air purifiers that are trusted by best air purifier brands. They are:

    3M Air Purifier
    3M Air Purifier
    Haier Air Purifier
    Haier Air Purifier
    TCL Air Purifier
    TCL Air Purifier
    Carrier Air Purifier
    Carrier Air Purifier
    Boneco Air Purifier
    Boneco Air Purifier
    Alen Air Purifier
    Alen Air Purifier
    mapleton public schools
    mapleton public schools
    Blueair Air Purifier
    Blueair Air Purifier
    Whirlpool Air Purifier
    Whirlpool Air Purifier
    Our health service
    Our health service
    Karcher Air Purifier
    Karcher Air Purifier

    A Trustworthy HEPA Air Purifier Manufacturer

    HisoAir is a trusted supplier that manufactures h13 HEPA air purifiers. We've been making high-quality air purifiers and disinfection machines for over a decade at a reasonable factory price.

    We hold a wide selection of products that are trusted by businesses, healthcare, and commercial environments for years. From compact to large air purifiers, we place great importance on the quality of our goods and services. More than 200 members of our staff, including over 20 engineers and experts, are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible product.

    How to Get Your H13 HEPA Air Purifier Order

    1. Design h13 hepa air purifier

    During the designing and researching process HisoAir addresses the potential factors that may impact your brand and vice versa. Based on your specifications, the team determines which existing air purifiers to offer and recommend.

    2. Make a h13 hepa air purifier sample

    This consists solely of mock-ups and samples. We’ll test after we complete the prototype. This is where we will conclude what other aspects our product requires and whether they should be added or removed.

    3. Mass production of you-approved h13 hepa air purifier

    The manufacturing process begins once all of the components of the finalized sample are tested and approved. This will cover the entire quantity of products required by the client.

      What is HEPA Filter Air Purifier

      HisoAir's HEPA filter air purifiers perform greatly along with our other models with different filters. Except that these filters of our models work best with light and common air substances that can cause common respiratory and skin diseases. Nonetheless, our air purifiers with HEPA filters are guaranteed to kill harmful microorganisms.

      How Does HEPA Filter Air Purifier Work

      HEPA filters are a common type of filter found in air purifiers. Moreover, their primary application is in areas prone to airborne bacteria that cause common respiratory and skin diseases and allergies to humans. With HEPA air filters in your air purifiers, all contaminants are captured in a HEPA sheet before releasing purified air into the spaces.

      Why HEPA Filters Essential in Air Purifiers

      As several studies proved that common viruses and contagious diseases can spread through aerosol droplets, medical professionals require the use of air purifiers with HEPA filters.

      These highly effective HEPA filters are designed and innovated to provide protection through eliminating viruses and airborne substances that commonly cause diseases to humans. With these filters, homes and working spaces are guaranteed with good and safe air quality.

      Is a HEPA Filter Air Purifier Good for COVID-19?

      Since the pandemic began, air purification has become a more prominent concern. Any odor or texture cannot pass without us being acutely aware and concerned about it. As a result, air purifiers have officially joined our list of must-have items. HisoAir just has what you could and should be looking for.

      As a business, it is important to deliver only the best kinds of the product to the market. While COVID-19 and other viruses are some of the contagious diseases humans are most concerned of, air purifiers that ensure security against COVID are a must have. In this regard, HisoAir air purifiers with medical-grade HEPA filters assure safety and removal of 99.9% of airborne contaminants in our indoor air.

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