Air Purifier for VOCs

HisoAir is an air purifier you can depend on. If you’re looking for an air purifier that can accommodate residential and supplier needs, this is the one to go. As an air purifier manufacturer, we have supplied clients from over a hundred countries worldwide.

Air deterioration can be everywhere. Did you know that even the indoor space of your home or office can have multiple sources of harmful air contaminants? This is the goal of HisoAir, to eliminate these pollutants to keep your indoor space safe.

Why is Air Purifier Essential for VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs can come from multiple sources especially indoors. Your commercial or residential space is surely filled with it. HisoAir air purifiers are engineered and designed for these air contaminants to improve indoor air quality.

Eliminating Viruses (including COVID-19)

COVID-19 and other sorts of viruses can be found in the air. These may be easily ingested if your indoor space is not protected by a high-quality purifier like HisoAir. With its design, you can rest assured that your areas will be protected against disease-inducing viruses.

Eliminating Dust

Dust is another air pollutant that has multiple sources too. Dirt, skin cells, fabric fibers, soils, and microscopic specks of plastics, are a few of the common sources of dust. HisoAir air purifiers are the most effective in keeping your indoor spaces free from this air contaminant.

Eliminating Odors

Odor-causing viruses in the air may be harmful due to their health risks. Unwanted scents that may come from harmful air contaminants can be avoided with the help of an air purifier you can rely on. 

Eliminating Pollen

Pollen is life-threatening to people who have respiratory problems such as asthma. Now, nearby parks where plants can be found are where pollen may come from. Keep your indoor space safe from pollen with a HisoAir air purifier.

Eliminating Dander

Dander can accumulate due to the natural shedding of pets with fur and even people. Indoor spaces like residential and commercial establishments are prone to dander. HisoAir air purifiers are designed to eliminate dander to improve air quality.

Eliminating Gas

Offices are usually found in urban areas where there are a lot of possible sources of air pollutants. Gas is found almost anywhere in an urban location. This is due to the presence of modern commodities like vehicles, smartphones, laptops. This makes a quality HisoAir air purifier more and more essential in your office.

Why You Should Choose Hiso Air Purifier for VOCs

Hospital Grade UV Purification Technology

Our products are designed to have the same standards of sanitation as hospitals do. This is to ensure disinfection rates among our clients so air quality is genuinely improved. 

High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

To have better efficiency in improving air circulation indoors, we invested time and research to deliver a high Clean Air Delivery Rate. Our products are designed to deliver the same performance paired with the right room dimensions.

Hospital Grade UV Purification Technology

To combat different types of air contaminants, our air purifiers are equipped with multiple filtration systems. Since harmful air particles are comprised differently, this also calls for a different treatment.

Innovational Air Purifier for VOCs

HisoAir air purifier has a wide range of products to choose from. From small to large indoor spaces, our products are designed to provide you with better air quality. Here are a few of the products you can choose from:


Applicable area 170m²
Max CADR 1500m3/h (889CFM)


Applicable area 49-84m²
Max CADR 700m3/h (416CFM)



Applicable area 70-120m²
Max CADR 1200m3/h (731CFM)


Applicable area 28-48m²
Max CADR 400m3/h (240CFM)


Applicable area 55-94m²
Max CADR 800m3/h (472CFM)



Applicable area 30-50m²
Max CADR 450m3/h (294CFM)

China Air Purifiers In Your Sourcing Need

Why is Air Purifier Essential for VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs can come from multiple sources especially indoors. Your commercial or residential space is surely filled with it. HisoAir air purifiers are engineered and designed for these air contaminants to improve indoor air quality.

Want to customize an air purifier for office?

Air Purifier You Can Trust

Indoor spaces have high chances of accumulating volatile organic compounds or VOCs because of the nature of how its constructed. It is enclosed, which may cause poor ventilation and poor air quality. HisoAir air purifiers have the quality you can trust because their more than ten years of experience have established its standards worldwide.

Our air purifiers are designed for VOCs, including formaldehyde. High amounts of this chemical may be cancerous to humans; thus our filters are built to eliminate these types of harmful gases found in the air.

Advanced Hospital Air Purifier Technology From China Factory

HisoAir has a factory in Shenzhen, China that sprawls over 1000-3000 square meters. This factory is built with facilities that produce high-quality air purifiers to accommodate clients with residential and commercial needs. 

Our services are offered through air purifiers that can purify the air in small to large spaces. We also offer customized products to better provide better air quality. Our clients can partner with our engineers and designers to come up with a product that can better serve their indoor spaces.

Furthermore, we are certified by SGS, the world’s leading testing, and inspection company. This guarantees that our products are made with internationally conforming standards. So, wherever you are in the world, HisoAir air purifiers are ensured safe and high-quality performance.

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Why HisoAir Air Purifier Is a Must-Have Against VOCs

Indoor spaces have 2 to 5 times higher amounts of volatile organic compounds than outdoors. They can also easily be absorbed by the air inside your areas due to the room temperature. Breathing in these air particles may cause health risks in the long run. These VOCs are released in the air once they are no longer trapped in a solid or liquid form. 

This is why air purifiers are a must-have for your indoor spaces. It makes sure that the air you’ll breathe is free from life-threatening air particles. Moreover, a quality air purifier is needed especially when combatting VOCs due to its molecular weight. 

HisoAir air purifiers are built with the best filtration system against VOC and that is the activated carbon filter. These air filters work through the adsorption of the VOC so that it is stripped off the air. Once it is done, it releases the depolluted air that is now safe to breathe. Another harmful air particles that are also refined from the air are formaldehyde. 

Long-term exposure to VOCs may lead to health risks such as liver failure, lung or kidney damage, and even cancer. They can also form other types of air contaminants with other particles found in the air which may cause further damage.

How Does HisoAir Purifier Eliminate Air Contaminants?

  • HisoAir air purifier eliminates air contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns through High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters. These HEPA filters are designed with plastic or microfibers to catch contaminants once the air is filtered, then release the depolluted air
  • The second filter our product utilizes is the activated carbon filter. Other than VOCs and formaldehyde, it also eliminates chlorine and related poor taste and odor. Air is filtered through this by entering the HisoAir air purifier, then entering the thick or thin packets. Then, it will be released and refined from the air particles.
  • The third filter is the UV air filtration system. This is used in safe amounts to eliminate mold, bacteria viruses, and other microorganisms found in the air. HisoAir air purifiers are equipped with this to clean air at the molecular level.
  • Lastly, HisoAir air purifiers deliver a high Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR. This level provides an air-cleaning mechanism at a fast rate so dirt and pollution are not given a chance to survive and accumulate.

How Do Volatile Organic Compounds Effectively Filter Out by Activated Carbon Filters?

Activated Carbon Filters effectively filter out Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, including formaldehyde from the air through adsorption. These particles are stripped from the air before being released by being refined by thin or thick packets of activated carbon filters. 

With a quality air purifier like HisoAir, this will reduce your exposure to harmful air contaminants. While regular surface sanitation also keeps you safe against disease-ridden particles, partnering it with our products solidifies your defense against pollutants. Keeping your health safe from these risks is highly essential so your immune system is stable in whatever virus you may encounter.

Hygiene should always be prioritized, but our reliance on modern machines and innovations, also comes at a price and that is the gases they release in our indoor spaces. Help keep your air quality safe with a HisoAir product now.If you have decided on choosing China’s top manufacturer and exporter of air purifiers, contact HisoAir’s expert team today to get your free estimate.

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