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Comprehensive ODM Solutions for Cutting-Edge Air Purifiers From Concept to Mass Production:
Streamlined Development Process for Innovative Air Purifier Technology.

Tailored Air Purification Solutions

From Concept to Mass Production with Precision

Product Definition &. Project Kick-off

Industrial Design

Structure Engineering

Mock up (CVP Sample)

Mock up (CVP Sample)

Tooling (FOT Sample)

Engineering Builds

Pilot Production

Standard Production

Mass Production

Advanced Air Purifiers

Experience the purest air with our state-of-the-art purifiers. Breathe cleaner, live better.
Applicable area 56-96m²
Max CADR 800m³/h
Applicable area 10-15m²
Max CADR 120m³/h
Applicable area 30-40m²
Max CADR 360m³/h
Wireless Transmission Technology:
LoRaWAN 8 sensor in one
Applicable Area 40m2
Max CADR 340m3/h( (200CFM)
Odor Removal & High-Efficiency Filter
HEPA14 + Corrugated Carbon

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Choose HisoAir for unparalleled expertise in air purification, where our commitment to “Maximum Purification, Minimum Noise”
meets the exacting standards of the world’s leading brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Prestigious Partnerships: Trusted by industry leaders like Henry Singh, JP Morgan, Aflac, and BlueAir, HisoAir is a top-tier provider of air purification solutions, meeting the high demands of global brands.

Decibel Cancellation™ Technology: Our unique technology offers quiet, high-performance air purification, making our purifiers ideal for noise-sensitive environments.

Tailored, High-Performance Solutions: We offer premium air purifiers customized to each client’s needs, ensuring superior air quality and exceeding customer expectations.

Meeting Modern Air Quality Challenges

Advanced Monitoring, Smart IoT Integration, Efficient Purification

Air Monitor

Precision in Air Quality. Our advanced systems offer real-time data and insights, ensuring a healthier indoor environment with cutting-edge sensors and IoT integration. Perfect for your business needs.

IoT for Us

Revolutionizing Air Purification with Smart Technology. Our advanced IoT-enabled air purifiers and monitors offer real-time data, seamless connectivity, and enhanced performance. Experience unparalleled control and efficiency, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment for your business.

Air Purifiers & Ventilation

Ceiling air purifiers and desktop air purifiers meet a more intelligent opportunity to link with the environmental situation and realize automatic adjustments.



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