Air Monitor

Air Monitor

Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Welcome to the future of indoor air quality monitoring with HisoAir Air Monitor. This intelligent solution is designed to provide seamless monitoring, control, and optimization of your indoor air. More than just a monitoring device, HisoAir empowers you to take real-time action and enhance health and comfort.

Efficiency Redefined: Air Monitor's Low Power Technology

At Air Monitor, we understand the significance of low power consumption in achieving sustainable and cost-effective air quality management. Our innovative approach leverages an array of low-power components and strategies, ensuring long-lasting battery life that significantly reduces maintenance expenses.

Key Components and Strategies

HisoAir Smart Air Quality Ecosystem

The HisoAir Smart Air Quality Ecosystem comprises wireless sensors, air filters, LoRaWan Hub, and a powerful dashboard, all meticulously designed for businesses seeking holistic indoor air quality (IAQ) management solutions. Each component is tailored to adapt to spaces with varying occupancy, unique uses, and specific requirements.

Internal structural optimization

Multiple sensors in a small space can interfere with each other and affect accuracy, We take these factors into account during the design process and optimise the structure to solve these problems



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