Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Welcome to the future of indoor air quality monitoring with HisoAir Air Monitor. This intelligent solution is designed to provide seamless monitoring, control, and optimization of your indoor air. More than just a monitoring device, HisoAir empowers you to take real-time action and enhance health and comfort.


    Efficiency Redefined: Air Monitor's Low Power Technology

    At Air Monitor, we understand the significance of low power consumption in achieving sustainable and cost-effective air quality management. Our innovative approach leverages an array of low-power components and strategies, ensuring long-lasting battery life that significantly reduces maintenance expenses.

    Key Components and Strategies

    • Low-Power Sensors: Our sensors are carefully chosen for their minimal power requirements, extending the operational lifespan.
    • Smart Screen Refresh: Our intelligent screen refresh system is driven by PIR and CO2 sensors, ensuring that the display is only active when needed.
    • E-ink Screen: Our energy-efficient E-ink screen optimizes power usage.
    • Adaptive Operation: Different operational strategies are employed on working days and rest days, further conserving power.
    • LoRaWAN Connectivity: Our LoRaWAN connectivity minimizes energy consumption.
    • Data Upload Efficiency: We've fine-tuned the frequency of data uploads to reduce power usage.
    • Low-Power MCU: The heart of our system is an energy-efficient MCU.
    • Sensor Logic: Our sensors are programmed with logic that maximizes their efficiency.
    • Experience air quality monitoring that combines efficiency and sustainability with Air Monitor's low power advantage. Minimize operational costs while optimizing indoor air quality management.

    HisoAir Smart Air Quality Ecosystem

    The HisoAir Smart Air Quality Ecosystem comprises wireless sensors, air filters, LoRaWan Hub, and a powerful dashboard, all meticulously designed for businesses seeking holistic indoor air quality (IAQ) management solutions. Each component is tailored to adapt to spaces with varying occupancy, unique uses, and specific requirements.

    What can we monitor?

    measure what matters in one scalable solution.

    • TEMP


    • PM2.5/PM10

    • CO₂

    • Light

    • Atmosphere

    • VOC

    • PIR


    Internal structural optimization

    Multiple sensors in a small space can interfere with each other and affect accuracy, We take these factors into account during the design process and optimise the structure to solve these problems

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    • Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring: HisoAir Air Monitor provides real-time data on key air quality metrics, including PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, temperature, humidity, light intensity, color temperature, and atmospheric pressure.
    • Customizable Data Reporting: Tailor data reporting intervals to match your specific needs, ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour.
      PIR Motion Sensor: Enhanced human presence detection with motion sensors.
    • Offline Data Storage: Access your historical data with ease, with support for up to 300 records.
    • Power Options: Choose between battery power (CR14505*4 or more) or reliable Type-C power, focusing on low power consumption for an extended battery life.
    • Customization: HisoAir allows you to personalize your device, from shell color and logo to screen UI and LED indicators. You can also customize the sensors to match your specific requirements.
    • Certified Performance: HisoAir complies with FCC ID, CE, and RED standards, with modular components already included.

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