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HisoAir air purifiers are essential in keeping commercial spaces like your office safe from airborne contaminants. Especially now that the pandemic is slowly becoming history, we are also returning to our regular routines where office work is much more prevalent.

Keeping workspaces safe is important in businesses. This is because keeping your employees' welfare safe from diseases is transcendental to businesses and the economy at large. We are an excellent-performing air purifier you can depend on to eliminate virus-ridden air pollutants and will be your great partner as we maintain safety and health protocols within offices.

Benefits of Air Purifiers in Office

An innovative air purifier like HisoAir utilizes multiple filtration systems to combat air contaminants like COVID-19. This helps minimize the risks of low-quality air circulating inside offices, keeping your employees safe and sound. Here are a few of the air contaminants that our products eliminate:

Eliminating Viruses (including COVID-19)

Virus-ridden pollutants are common in urban areas where offices are usually located. This is because of the rampant air pollution caused by establishments and vehicles nearby. A quality air purifier like HisoAir helps minimize the risk of poor air quality inside your offices.

Eliminating Dust

Dust is one of the most common air pollutants due to its multiple sources. It can be found almost anywhere and can be an avenue for diseases to spread. HisoAir air purifiers are designed to eliminate dust indoors to help improve air quality.

Eliminating Odors

Odor-causing bacteria is more than just annoying, especially when you are in an office where you try to focus on your work. HisoAir air purifier provides functions that eliminate odor so the air you breathe is always fresh and safe for respiration.

Eliminating Pollen

Pollen is found in plants that use it for reproductive processes. This may be harmful to people who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma. HisoAir air purifiers are engineered with special filters to combat pollen from the air.

Eliminating Dander

Dander comes from pets and humans. In offices where there are multiple people expected to gather, it may cause proliferation in the air, which may be ingested respiratorily. HisoAir helps circulate air quality that is safe for breathing because it removes dander from the air.

Eliminating Gas

Offices are usually found in urban areas where there are a lot of possible sources of air pollutants. Gas is found almost anywhere in an urban location. This is due to the presence of modern commodities like vehicles, smartphones, laptops. This makes a quality HisoAir air purifier more and more essential in your office.

Why You Should Choose Hiso Air Purifier for Your Offices

Hospital Grade UV Purification Technology

Our products are designed to have the same standards of sanitation as hospitals do. This is to ensure disinfection rates among our clients so air quality is genuinely improved. 

High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

To have better efficiency in improving air circulation indoors, we invested time and research to deliver a high Clean Air Delivery Rate. Our products are designed to deliver the same performance paired with the right room dimensions.

Hospital Grade UV Purification Technology

To combat different types of air contaminants, our air purifiers are equipped with multiple filtration systems. Since harmful air particles are comprised differently, this also calls for a different treatment.

Innovative Air Purifiers for Offices

HisoAir air purifiers are made to withstand the multiple numbers of air contaminants that can be found indoors where poor ventilation is prevalent. Offices are usually found in urban areas where the outdoors also have poor air quality. With the rampant proliferation of pollutants nearby offices, here are the options you can choose 

Office air purifeir for 2000 sq ft

Applicable area 170m²
Max CADR 1500m3/h (889CFM)


Office air purifier for 150 sq ft

Applicable area 70-120m²
Max CADR 1200m3/h (731CFM)

Office air purifer for 1000 sq ft

Applicable area 55-94m²
Max CADR 800m3/h (472CFM)

Office air purifier for 500 sq ft

Applicable area 49-84m²
Max CADR 700m3/h (416CFM)

Office air purifier for 300 sq ft

Applicable area 28-48m²
Max CADR 400m3/h (240CFM)


Office air purifer for 600 sq ft

Applicable area 30-50m²
Max CADR 450m3/h (294CFM)

China Air Purifiers In Your Sourcing Need


Air Purifier Manufacturer You Can Trust

Offices are under commercial establishments wherein there are usually more than ten people expected to enter on a regular basis. This results in the likelihood of many contaminants lingering indoors. Poor ventilation could be a health risk; thus, may cause further damage to the health and safety of your employees.

As a business owner handling a commercial establishment, you’ll need an air purifier manufacturer you can trust. HisoAir provides top-quality services through our well-researched, designed, and engineered products. With our internationally-conforming standards, clients from over a hundred countries made the right decision in choosing us as their supplier.

Want to customize an air purifier for office?

Advanced Air Purifier Technology From China Factory

Contact Hisoair for Your Custom Air Purifier

HisoAir is known as the top supplier of air purifiers in China. We practice the standards to continuously live by this background. Research, testing, and design are continuously done to make sure that we maximize every possibility of eliminating harmful air particles.

Choosing us as your supplier, allows us to share the years and experience that we have worked to establish this background that we are known for. At the same time, as your supplier, we are given the chance to challenge our limits when it comes to building air purifiers that improve air quality.

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Why Air Purifier is a Must-Have for Your Offices in Battling COVID-19

HisoAir Purifier is the best choice for your offices because we offer a wide range of varieties to accommodate your commercial needs. Beyond that, we also offer our clients the chance to work with our engineers and designers who have over 10 years of experience in innovating air purifier systems.

With an air purifier that we offer, you can rest assured that your indoor spaces will be safe from air pollutants. Your employees would not be given any worries regarding the disease-causing contaminants found in the air once their offices are equipped with reliable air filtering systems from HisoAir.

Since offices are found in urbanized areas, the multiple filtration systems built with our air purifiers are specialized in situations such as these. This gives our products the capacity to combat multiple kinds of harmful air particles while allowing fast air circulation indoors.

Lastly, our air purifiers are very much essential in your offices because your employees’ health and safety against disease-causing air particles is an investment that transcends beyond itself. We have all seen the domino effect of COVID-19 on health, businesses, and the economy at large.

So, by practicing cleanliness up to the molecular level of the air we breathe, we ensure that our lives and future are safe.

How Does Hisoair Purifier Work?

  • HisoAir purifier works by sanitizing a given space. When it is properly attached to the right room dimensions, it cleans the air by refining the dirt that passes through it. Once it releases depolluted air, it becomes safe for respiration
  • Another process of how it works is the utilization of an air filter called High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter or HEPA for short. This refines air particles for up to 0.1 microns which is the size of the COVID-19 virus found in the air.
  • The second filter is the activated carbon filter. This filter is responsible for the filtration of odors found in the air. It also removes volatile organic compounds or VOCs found in household products. Tobacco smoke that is prevalent among smokers is also removed by this filter.
  • Lastly, HisoAir products use a UV filter to eliminate harmful air particles at the molecular level. This ensures that air quality is improved even at the tiniest speck so that your health is kept safe.

How Do HisoAir HEPA Purifiers Filter Out Particulates in Offices?

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are responsible for filtering air particles for up to 0.1 microns. Examples of microns that are as tiny as 0.1 are the COVID-19 particles. It is important to have an air purifier that is equipped with this type of filter because of its efficiency in straining pollutants from the air before releasing them for our respiration.

Offices are expected to accommodate multiple people who may come from different locations. The outdoors is home to multiple types of air particles that may be harmful to our respiratory health. Safeguarding the indoor spaces of your offices with a quality air purifier like HisoAir will equip you with the defense against these harmful air particles.

If you have decided on choosing China’s top manufacturer and exporter of air purifiers, contact HisoAir’s expert team today to get your free estimate.

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