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HisoAir is a world-class manufacturer of air purifiers and air disinfection machines. Our company has been working with global brands for the past 20 years.

Our experience in the industry gives us the edge in providing complete service for our clients worldwide. What we offer ranges from the product's design to the final manufacturing to meet various requirements.

At HisoAir, we focus on satisfying the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of services to help their businesses.

Why Are HisoAir Commercial Air Purifiers Essential?

Commercial air purifiers are needed to safeguard the health and safety of employees in the workplace. They ensure that the air quality is optimum in the warehouse, office, or wherever employees work. 

Extract Harmful Particles and Gases

Day-to-day activities can result in harmful levels of chemicals and other pollutants on commercial premises. Commercial air purifiers are equipped with advanced tech mechanisms to rid your space of these harmful pollutants.

Eliminate Potential Allergens

Commercial air purifiers trap particles that may trigger allergies like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, etc. These purifiers are equipped with air filters that effectively capture airborne allergens and make them harmless.

Reduce Unpleasant Smells

A commercial air purifier is what you need to eradicate unpleasant odors from an office or school space. Most air purifiers have activated carbon filters which help to trap molecules that create a smell. 

Reduces Chances of Airborne Diseases

Airborne diseases are spread through tiny pathogens in the air. Commercial air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters capture the viruses and bacteria, reducing the chances of airborne diseases. 

Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

Routine exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to serious health issues like cancer, tumor, and neurological or cardiovascular disorders. A commercial air purifier helps eliminate harmful chemicals that can cause any of the abovementioned issues. 

Eliminate Airborne Mold Spores

Air purifiers may not be able to eliminate mold growing on walls and carpets. However, they contain activated carbon, HEPA filters, and other mechanisms that can effectively eliminate airborne mold spores.

Why You Should Choose HisoAir Commercial Air Purifiers

Our air purifiers are powerful for commercial use. They can provide a high level of air purification for your workspaces. The filtration configuration of our products makes them perfect for use in the office and other commercial spaces. Our air purifiers have the following mechanisms:

HEPA Filters

The HEPA filters in HisoAir air purifiers can collect and trap germs, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne pollutants and particles. HEPA filters can trap 99.9% of airborne pollutants of up to 0.3 microns in size.


These filters can trap airborne elements and larger particles like dust, hair, and dirt. Pre-filters are the first step of purification by the air purifier. They protect the main filters from getting clogged with debris.

Carbon Filters

This is another layer of filter in HisoAir air purifiers. They can efficiently absorb chemical vapors, odor molecules, and harmful gases like formaldehyde, toluene, etc. HisoAir activated carbon filters are also effective for neutralizing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

UVC Lamp

HisoAir’s air purifiers are equipped with UVC lamps. These lamps help inactivate airborne pathogens and other microorganisms like bacteria, mold, and viruses. They can also decompose formaldehyde using photocatalysis.

Best-in-Class Commercial Air Purifiers

At HisoAir, we have the best commercial air purification solution for your needs. We've got you covered if you need clean air in your office, retail spaces, hotels, gyms, restaurants, or hospitals. Our air purifiers can remove 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other fine particles or pollutants.

Commercial air purifer for 2000 sq ft

air purifier for big rooms
Max CADR 1500m3/h (889CFM)


Commercial air purifiers for 600 sq ft

Applicable area 70-120m²
Max CADR 1200m3/h (731CFM)

Air purifiers for 1000 sq ft

Applicable area 55-94m²
Max CADR 800m3/h (472CFM)

Air purifier for 500 sq ft

Applicable area 49-84m²
Max CADR 700m3/h (416CFM)

Air purifier for 300 sq ft

Applicable area 28-48m²
Max CADR 400m3/h (240CFM)


Air purifier for 400 sq ft

Applicable area 30-50m²
Max CADR 450m3/h (294CFM)

China Air Purifiers In Your Sourcing Need


Your Reliable Commercial Air Purifier Supplier 

HisoAir is an industry-leading supplier of commercial air purifiers. We have more than 10 years of experience manufacturing high-quality and user-friendly commercial air purifiers. Over the past 20 years, we've worked for leading brands worldwide.

At HisoAir, we prioritize quality; it is our culture. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and services, and we have earned a good reputation in the market. Our strong team of over 10 engineers is specialized in manufacturing air purifiers. We've completed more than 100 small and large projects for organizations and commercial companies.

Want to customize an air purifier for office?

Top-of-the-line Commercial Air Purifiers from China Factory

Contact Hisoair for Your Custom Air Purifier

Using air purifiers with medical-grade HEPA filters is one of the best ways to show your students, customers, and employees that you value their health. We understand this need at HisoAir, so we create top-of-the-line commercial air purifiers.

We want to be the world's leading supplier in our industry, so we work hard to develop and manufacture the best air purifiers and disinfection machines for our customers.

At HisoAir, we base our quality standards on the high value of international standards. We make sure we conduct quality assurance on all products to be sure they meet the required standard.

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Why HisoAir Commercial Air Purifier Is a Must-Have

Improving the air quality in offices and classrooms is important. A healthy air quality helps to improve performance and productivity. It also helps to keep employees, customers, and students safe.

Using HisoAir commercial air purifiers is the best way to improve air quality in your home, office, or commercial property. Our commercial air purifiers are equipped with features that effectively remove up to 99.9% of airborne particles. Some of these features are:

  • Multiple layer filtration system. This includes pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and medical-grade HEPA filters. These filters will trap 99.9% of particles, easily removing viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and allergens from the air.
  • Simple controls and heavy-duty steel parts. Air purifiers for school and office settings should be long-lasting and reliable. Our commercial-grade air purifiers can handle constant use because of the materials used in their design.
  • Air quality sensing. HisoAir products with air quality sensors accurately measure environmental parameters like VOC and particulate matter to monitor air quality and the state of filters in use. 
  • Easy-to-use control panels. Our air purifiers do not have confusing control panels. The control panels have programmable features like multiple fan speeds, air quality sensors, and programmable timers.
  • Lightweight models. A lightweight and compact air purifier is the best solution if you want air purifiers in different areas of your office. Our lightweight air purifier models are easy to move and place in different areas.

How Does Commercial Air Purification Work?

Most air purifiers work via a system of filtration to remove airborne pollutants and recirculate clean air. The airborne particles removed from the air depend on the type of filter and air purifier used. HisoAir air purifiers consist of multiple filters. They have pre-filters, HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters. The exact procedure of how an HisoAir commercial air purifier work is described below.

  • A fan in our air purifier draws in the nearby air. This air is passed through a filter, which can be made from materials like fiberglass or paper. 
  • The filter then captures particles larger than a certain size. The size differs between air purifiers. HEPA filters, for example, are the highest standard. They can trap particles larger than 0.3 microns in size.
  • Lastly, the fan recirculates the clean, filtrated air back into the room.

Can HisoAir Commercial Air Purifier Filter Airborne Pollutants?

HisoAir commercial air purifiers can filter pollutants from the air. These purifiers can be customized for use in offices, schools, medical clinics, etc. Our air purifiers use highly efficient air filters to remove harmful particles, creating a fresh, clean-smelling environment.

From cleaning the air of meeting rooms to odor control in large commercial facilities, HisoAir commercial air purifiers do a good job of helping businesses of all sizes to maintain a healthy and safe space.

These purifiers, when placed around a commercial space, help ensure that everyone around the space can breathe safely and easily and have a reduced risk of becoming ill.

The high volumes of H14 HEPA filters with UVC lamps make our air purifiers one of the best commercial air purifiers for filtering airborne pollutants.

The HA-1601 air purifier is designed specifically for the commercial sector, which requires high volumes of clean air in a short time. This air purifier is easy to operate and gives exceptional low noise. 

The HA-1601 also has a large CADR (clean air delivery rate) and big airflow, which are applicable for large commercial spaces. Furthermore, it has a multiple-layer filtration system and a unique air duct design.

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