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Air purifier for 2000 square feet (Hisoair HA-1968)

The Hisoair HA1968 air purifier removes 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants.

Decibel Cancellation™ Technology

Our air purifiers deliver maximum filtration with minimum noise.

170m² Functional area

The applicable area can reach 180 square meters, like school.

1500m3/h CADR

The CADR called the Clean Air Delivery Rate is 1500m3/h.

99.9% H1N1 Rate

The virus removal rate and H1N1 rate all is 99.9%.

0.1um Medical Grade HEPA

The high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) reaches 0.1um medical grade.

99.9% Bacterial Removal

HisoAir air purifier has a 99.9% bacterial removal rate.

Best air purifier for 2000 square feet: specification

Items HA-1968
Demensions (L x W x H) 400*390*853mm
Product weight 24.2 kgs
Energy consumtion 135 W
Air outlet Left and Right sides
Air inlet Front and Back sides
Clean air delivery rate (CADR)-PM2.5 230m3/h (135CFM), 675m3/h (397CFM), 815m3/h (479CFM), 975m3/h (574CFM), 1512m3/h (889CFM)
Technologies Pre-filter, Antibacterial filter, H13 HEPA filter (H14 optional), Activated carbon filter,
Anion (optional), Photocatalyst (optional), UVC lamp (optional)
Sensor PM2.5 sensor, CO2 sensor (optional), Temperature & humidity (optional)
WIFI (Tuya APP) Yes
Certificates CE-EMC, CE-LVD, ROHS, CADR & Noise, Ozone & UVC Leakage, WIFI, EN1822, Antibacterial filter test report
Carton Size (L x W x H) 515*505*970mm
Gross Weight 28.5 kgs
Loading quantity (20ft/ 40ft/ 40hq) 110units/ 220units/ 250units

Your Ultimate Solution for Quiet, High-Performance Air Purification

Why Choose Our Air Purifiers?

purifier technology

filter technology

99.9% bacterial
removal rate

(Clean Air Delivery Rate)

0.1um Medical grade

UVC light sterilization

H14 H13 long-hour
lifespan HEAP filters

Tested by
SGS & independent Labs

The Top 3 OEM/ODM Air purifier
Manufacturer in China

Private labeling for branded Air Purifiers for decades

HisoAir offers private labeling air purifier services to clients who have already reviewed and agreed with HisoAir’s air purifier design and specifications. Once the agreement is signed, the selected products will be labeled with the client’s name.

OEM Air purifiers from start to end

HisoAir provides OEM air purifier services to partners who have the necessary specifications in a product. HisoAir provides research, design, engineering, mock ups or modifications, testing, and mass productions based on the client’s finalized design.

Over 50+ Air Purifier Projects


Thomas Government supplier from Germany

“ I found hisoair's website from Google and to be honest, I wasn't sure if they were reliable at first, but they completed my project requirements in a month and a half. And when the project required the urgent addition of a CO2 Sensor, they had a new sample completed within a week, making them the most professional, customer-focused manufacturer I've ever worked with ”

Ranjith Bala Medical products importer from India

“ We all know that the COVID has been a terrible disaster for the whole world, specially for the India, I've bought air purifier from HisoAir, this has been very useful for me and my office, home, families and friends.I've been working with Alwen for the last 7 years, who is from HisoAir, I can that he is a very reliable person, very efficient and very professional ”

Herina Hospitals and government supplier from Romania

“ We are a company with over 15 years of experience in working with private institutions and private sectors, we have made collaboration with Hiso for 3 years, and we are really grateful for the works that Hiso has provided to us. We are grateful for the collaboration with Cherry and Mr. Lee ”


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