Top 5 Air Purifier Suppliers in Singapore

Top 5 Air Purifier Suppliers in Singapore

Cleaning air inside a home or any other space with quality air purifiers can help prevent diseases and illnesses brought about by air pollution and other contaminants. Check out the best of Singapore’s air purifier suppliers in this blog!

The air that people breathe carries numerous contaminants caused by pollution. Especially in highly urbanized countries like Singapore, the number of chemical particles that may be present in the atmosphere can cause illnesses to many. Such a case may also be the reason why air purifiers are in huge demand on the market.
With such a big opportunity, it’s easy to surmise that doing business involving air purifiers can provide good returns. Of course, you may also need to buy air purifiers in bulk for commercial and residential use. We have listed the 5 top-performing air purifier suppliers that you can find in Singapore in this article. Check them out below!

List of the Top 5 Air Purifier Suppliers in Singapore

Below is a brief list of the suppliers that met our requirements. If you’re strapped for time, you may click on the name of the enterprise that you want to check out to directly move right into their relevant information. These companies were selected based on their overall performances in the industry, which we will discuss in detail in the following sections.

  1. Purlife Company Pte. Ltd.
  2. Neosys Singapore
  3. Aurabeat Singapore
  4. Daikin Singapore
  5. COSMO

Top 5 Air Purifier Suppliers in Singapore

The following companies are Singapore-based air purifier suppliers that met our criteria. In selecting them, we carefully considered their years of experience, technologies developed, and similar factors. You may find a brief profile for each supplier in the following sections that may help you in deciding which one to work with.

1. Purlife Company Pte. Ltd.
Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. logo

Image Source: Purlife Company Pte. Ltd.

Business Type : Manufacturer, Service Provider
Headquarters : 22 Sin Ming Lane, #07-74, Midview City, Singapore 573969
Main Markets : Singapore
Years of Experience: 14 years

Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. was established in 2008, and it specializes in the production of air purification merchandise meant for residential, office, and vehicle use. It also provides the Singaporean market with air conditioning services and air purifier maintenance. This company also operates an e-commerce website that provides B2B and B2C services alike.

It has long-term partnerships with more than thirty entities all over the country. Purlife Company Pte. Ltd. also offers rental services for its air purification products. It mainly dabbles in the production of air purifiers that equips HEPA filters into their design.

Key Products

    2. Neosys Singapore

    Neosys Singapore logo

    Image Source: Neosys Singapore

    Business Type : Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Provider
    Headquarters: 66 Kallang Pudding Road, #06-03 Hor Kew Business Centre, Singapore 349324
    Main Markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
    Years of Experience: 17 years

    Neosys Singapore, formally recognized as Neosys Documail (S) Pte. Ltd., is a part of the much larger Neosys Group. Its operations in Singapore started in 2005, but its technologies were already under development since 2003. This company mainly provides services concerning the automation of offices, mailrooms, and similar establishments.

    It is also a distributor of consumables and supplies from well-renowned brands that are of French, German, Korean, Japanese, and more origins. On the other hand, Neosys Singapore also supplies air purifiers from IDEA.

    Key Products

    • Air purifiers
    • Paper shredders
    • Filters
    • Shredder oils
    • Office supplies
    • Mailroom products
    • Print finishing equipment

      3. Aurabeat Singapore

      Aurabeat Singapore logo

      Image Source: Aurabeat Singapore

      Business Type: Manufacturer
      Headquarters : 203 Henderson Rd, #10-12 Wing B, Singapore 159546
      Main Markets : Singapore, Global
      Years of Experience: 5 years

      Aurabeat Singapore is the branch of Aurabeat Technologies Ltd. in the country, so we’ll focus on the latter. Aurabeat Technologies Ltd. is the youngest among the various suppliers and manufacturers that can be found on this list. However, it achieved phenomenal success with its production of the air purifier that can kill COVID-19 .

      The said technology works by employing air filtration and ionization techniques, and it is verified to be effective by the FDA. It has produced waves in the air purifier industry, and it now has expanded its operations to more than forty countries.

      Key Products

      • Air purifiers

        4. Daikin Singapore

        Daikin Singapore logo

        Image Source: Daikin Singapore

        Business Type: Manufacturer
        Headquarters : 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Singapore 569501
        Main Markets: Global
        Years of Experience: 54 years
        Certificates: ISO 14001, ISO 9001: 2015

        Daikin Singapore, formally recognized as Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. , is a subsidiary of the global powerhouse from Japan, Daikin Industries Ltd. As such, the values ​​and systems from the main Daikin enterprise were also employed in the Singapore-based branch, making it ISO certified in terms of quality control and environmental impact systems .

        This company has a wide collection of products that cover not only air purifiers but also refrigerators and air conditioning products. Daikin Industries Ltd. on a whole has more than 90 production bases and its product are sold in more than 150 countries.

        Key Products

        • Air purifiers
        • Airconditioning systems
        • Refrigeration
        • FCU
        • Other airconditioning products

          5. COSMO

          COSMO logo

          Image Source: COSMO

          Business Type : Manufacturer
          Headquarters : Ravago, 36 Kaki Bukit Place #01-01, Singapore 416214
          Main Markets : Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia
          Years of Experience : 12 years

          COSMO produces air purifiers that are designed in Germany. Its technology employs a three- stage filtration system that equips HEPA filters. Over the last decade, COSMO has expanded its operations to more than twenty establishments all over Southeast Asia, Europe, and Australia.

          Key Products

          • Air purifiers
          • Dehumidifiers

            Top Air Purifier Manufacturer in China

            China is the manufacturing powerhouse of the world, supplying almost a third of the products found on the globe. If you are interested in connecting with the top air purifier manufacturer in the said country, work with HisoAir today!


            HisoAir logo

            Image Source: HisoAir

            Business Type : OE/OD/JD Manufacturer, Supplier
            Headquarters: New Generation Info. Tech. Industrial Park, BaoAn District, Shenzhen, China
            Main Markets: Global
            Years of Experience : 11 years
            Certificates: CE, ROHS, EN1822

            HisoAir specializes in manufacturing air purifiers that can be used in a medical setting. It is formally recognized as Shenzhen HisoAir Co., Ltd., and it was founded in 2011. It had achieved phenomenal success over its short eleven years in the industry with its more than a hundred accomplished projects all over the globe.

            The company has patented more than 50 designs and developed air purification systems that can remove 99.99% of the particles present in the air. The SGS has also verified that its products can filter 99.8% of the coronavirus family, which would be beneficial in the current society where the COVID-19 pandemic is raging.

            Key Products


            The air that people breathe contains harmful substances that can harm health. Especially with the huge amount of pollution at the time, almost all people don’t have access to truly clean air. Air purifiers can help in removing the said contaminants from the atmosphere, Significantly reducing the risk of illnesses.
            We listed the five best suppliers of air purifiers in Singapore in this article. If you’re interested to collaborate with the best manufacturer and exporter of medical-grade air purifiers from China, HisoAir would be glad to assist you. Connect with HisoAir today to get your free quote.
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