4 Best Pleated Air Filter Manufacturers in the World

4 Best Pleated Air Filter Manufacturers in the World

Pleated air filters are better than the standard mechanical filters. Hence, if you are looking for a replacement pre-filter for your air cleaner, you better look for a reputable pleated air filter manufacturer right away.

We all know that standard replacement filters are inexpensive. So many people opt for them in their air filtration machines. However, keep in mind that these pleated air filters don’t provide extensive protection to your air purifiers and HVAC systems. As a result, they might not help in improving the indoor air quality in your home.

Meanwhile, pleated filters provide exceptional defense against airborne pollutants. These filters have a folding pattern on their architecture, which is the reason why it is called pleated. Because of this design, the filters gain extra surface while reducing the resistance in airflow.
List of the Best Pleated Air Filter Manufacturers in the World
The benefits of pleated filters are pretty much astounding. They can capture more particles and improve the performance of the air purifier. Therefore, if you plan to replace the pre-filter of your air purifier, make sure that you opt for this filter.

Below are some of the best pleated air filter manufacturers in the world today.

  1. HisoAir
  2. Smith Filter Corporation
  3. AAF Flanders
  4. Parker HVAC Filtration Division

4 Best Pleated Air Filter Manufacturers

The following are the profiles of the filter manufacturers that we listed above. We recommend that you course through them and see what they can offer to you.

1. HisoAir

HisoAir logo

Image Source:  HisoAir

  • Business Type: OE/OD/JD Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Headquarters: New Generation Info. Tech. Industrial Park, BaoAn District, Shenzhen, China
  • Main Markets: Global
  • Years of Experience: 11 years
  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, EN1822

When it comes to air purifiers, one of the finest manufacturers is HisoAir. The latter is a reputable company based in China. As of writing, this company has 11 years of experience in making innovative, hospital-grade air purifiers. Its provisions are proven to be proficient in reducing the presence of contaminants and minimizing airborne contraction of diseases.

HisoAir’s air purifiers have pleated air filters, making them extra effective in improving indoor air quality. They are capable of removing various types of pollutants, including those that cause seasonal allergies and respiratory complications. HisoAir also sells its products at a competitive rate, making them a must-check for those who are looking for wholesale purchases.

    Key Products

    • Medical-grade air purifiers
    • Filters

    2. Smith Filter Corporation

    Smith logo

    Image Source: Smith Filter Corporation

    • Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier
    • Headquarters: 5000 41st Street Ct. Moline, IL 61265, United States
    • Main Markets: United States
    • Years of Experience: Over 80 years

    Since 1939, the Smith Filter has been one of the top brands for air and grease filters in the United States. This particular company has extensive experience in the industry, as it is capable of providing customized filters and stock filters. Its pleated filters, for instance, have a tested-and-tried reputation, making them great alternatives to the pre-filters offered by other brands.

    Furthermore, Smith Filter Corporation also provides competitive pricing and responsive customer service. Its salespeople have professional certifications to ensure proficient delivery of services. They can also assist in finding the right filter for your needs. Meanwhile, its filter manufacturing and production follow strict industry standards, ensuring that its filters are effective.

      Key Products

      • Pleated filters
      • Permanent air filters
      • Disposable filters
      • HEPA filters
      • Grease filters

      3. AAF Flanders

      AAF Flanders Logo

      Image Source: AAF Flanders

      • Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier
      • Headquarters: 9920 Corporate Campus Drive, Suite 2200 Louisville, KY 40223-5000, United States
      • Main Markets: United States
      • Years of Experience: 6+ years

      The AAF Flanders is relatively new to the air filter industry. However, its current standing in the market is pretty much venerable. It is considered one of the biggest manufacturers of various air filtration amenities. It has also established numerous facilities and warehouses in 22 countries worldwide. It has a commitment to providing high-quality filters for multiple systems, such as residential and commercial air purifiers.

      The international ventures of AAF Flanders are fully supported by the resources of Daikin Industries Ltd., its parent company. The latter is based in Osaka, Japan, and is a known international manufacturing corporation that specializes in the HVAC business. With the research and development capabilities of AAF Flanders and its supply chain, it is expected that its pleated filters are durable and effective.

        Key Products

        • Media pads and rolls
        • Panel filters
        • Pleated filters

        4. Parker HVAC Filtration Division

        Parker Logo

        Image Source: Parker

        • Business Type: Manufacturer, supplier
        • Headquarters: 100 River Ridge Circle Jeffersonville, IN 47130, United States
        • Main Markets: United States, International
        • Years of Experience: 50+ years

        For more than 50 years, Parker has been one of the leading manufacturers of air quality control products in the world. It researched and evolved various technologies to ensure the efficiency of its filters and related products. Moreover, it also uses proprietary materials on its filters and engineers them to outperform most of its counterparts. In fact, this company is compliant with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) by the Environmental Protection Agency.

        The Parker HVAC Filtration Division is an experienced producer of high-quality air filters. It also has an extensive line of products and brands that it acquired through years of partnership and procurement. Among the products that are under this company are the following: AirGuard, ATI, Purolator, and CLARCOR. All of these notable air filter brands have helped thousands of residences and businesses improve the air quality of their respective spaces.

          Key Products

          • Pleated filter
          • HEPA filter
          • Ultra-low particulate air filter
          • Pre-filters


          As you have read, pleated air filters provide better performance in capturing contaminants and airborne particles in the air. They have a simple yet effective construction that traps those “foreign” bodies, preventing you from inhaling. Ultimately, the filter helps you avoid possible respiratory illnesses, such as allergy flare-ups.

          The manufacturers we have listed here are among the top pleated air filter manufacturers today. Among them, the HisoAir is considered to be the most proficient producer of innovative pleated air filters. Visit HisoAir and learn more about its products.

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