Looking for electrostatic air filter manufacturers for buying electrostatic air filters? Learn more about this filter and see which manufacturer today excels in making these filters. 

List of Electrostatic Air Filter Manufacturers in the World

As mentioned, electrostatic air filters are efficient mediums for trapping allergens and other contaminants. But at the same time, we have to indicate that not all of them are created equal. Hence, some of them may yield better results than others. One way of ensuring that these electrostatic filters work is by acquiring them from reputable manufacturers. 

The companies below are some of the most proficient producers in making high-quality electrostatic air filters. They are known for the reliability of their products and the technology embedded in them. 

  1. HisoAir
  2. Good Filter Company
  3. All-Filter, Inc.
  4. Le Groupe PNF

4 Best Electrostatic Air Filter Manufacturers in the World

Here we have a brief company profile for each of the companies that we listed above. You should check each of them and see whether or not they are a good choice for a supplier of electrostatic air filters. 

#1 electrostatic filter manufacturers HisoAir

HisoAir logo

Image Source: HisoAir

When it comes to air purifiers and their accessories, you should really check HisoAir. This is a China-based company that specializes in the creation of medical-grade residential air purifiers and commercial air purifiers. Over a decade in the industry, HisoAir has provided fully effective air purifiers for various institutions. At the same time, it has a tested-and-tried rapport within and outside China. 

HisoAir also produces high-quality filters, such as pleated filters and electrostatic filters. It also has its proprietary design for its HEPA filter, ensuring that its air purifiers function the way you expect them to be. Because of this, HisoAir offers a guarantee that its products can improve the air quality of your indoor spaces. Furthermore, this international company also accepts bulk orders at a very competitive rate. Its shipping is fairly responsive, as well.

Key Products

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#2 electrostatic filter manufacturers Good Filter Company

Good Filter Company Logo

Image Source: Good Filter Company

The Good Filter Company initially started as an associate enterprise for an air cleaner company in its founding in 1990. Since this, it evolved to become a service provider of various air purifier associates, specifically air filters. One of the first provisions in the market is charcoal/carbon filters, which are found effective against volatile organic compounds and other household odors.

Today, the Good Filter Company is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality filters. Its polypropylene electrostatic filters are considered to be the best in the industry. They can customize these filters to fit the needs of their clients. Furthermore, this company also ventured into other air purifier filters, such as the more durable stainless steel filters and baffle grease filters. Expect that it provides fast shipping, as well. 

Key Products

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#3 electrostatic filter manufacturers  All-Filter, Inc.

Good Filter Company Logo

Image Source: All-Filter, Inc.

The All-Filter, Inc. started as a family business in 1990. Throughout its operation, it was able to gather a large customer base, thanks to its proficient services and products. This company has been continuously refining its filtration products for both air and water mediums. Because of this, it is not surprising that the company has an extensive collection of different filters that can suit your needs and demands. 

Furthermore, All-Filter accepts customized orders. Through quotations, it can meet its customer’s needs and requirements. One of the defining traits of this company is its competitive pricing. Despite the edge that it has over its competitors, it kept its price to the baseline–not too expensive and not too cheap, as well. The quality of its filters is quite impressive, as they are durable and work better than their counterparts. 

Key Products

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#4 electrostatic filter manufacturers Le Groupe PNF

Le Groupe PNF Logo

Image Source: Le Groupe PNF

The Groupe P.N.F. Inc. is another impeccable manufacturer of high-quality filters for various air filtration systems. Since its founding, it has become a leader in the manufacturing of washable air filters. It implements innovative designs and technologies on its filters to extend their longevity, even after repeated washing. Furthermore, its expertise goes beyond the conventional production of filters. It was also able to develop the necessary mechanisms and equipment to produce its filters. 

This company also employs experienced and trained employees in the field of ventilation. Its experts are the one that handles the inquiries and requests of its customers. The Groupe P.N.F. Inc. operates in Canada and services both residential, industrial, and commercial applications. It also gave an assurance that its operation was compliant with various environmental standards.

Key Products

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Is An electrostatic air filter worth it?

There are some things that electrostatic air filters can do that conventional air filters cannot. In a nutshell, electrostatic air filters are tailored through the integration of polypropylene and polyurethane layers in a filtration media. The interaction of these layers enables them to create static electricity. Specifically, it happens when air passes through them, causing friction to happen. 

So what does this static electricity do? Friction tends to generate positive and negative ions, which, in turn, creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field attracts various particles in the air as they pass through the filter. This means that the filter traps more contaminants, improving the breathability in your living spaces. 

Acquiring an electrostatic air filter is a must. Fortunately, numerous air purifier manufacturers excel in creating these specialized filters. 


Overall, electrostatic air filters provide extra value to air cleaners. With these filters, the air purifier will be able to capture at least 90 percent of pet dander, pollen, dust, bacteria, and smoke in the air. In fact, its capability is way higher than conventional fiberglass and pleated filters. Therefore, they are a great addition to living spaces for allergy sufferers. 

If you are looking for high-quality air purifiers using innovative filters like this, you should check HisoAir. This company offers a plethora of medical-grade provisions for air purification. It has an extensive experience in the industry and is compliant with related quality standards. Visit www.hisoair.com and learn more about it!

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