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HisoAir is a much-known air purifier manufacturer that provides customized and comprehensive service. Our company has got everything covered from designs up to mass production. Our expertise is in providing air purification solutions for brands and partners all over the world.

Our company focuses on our goal to create ECO-friendly, and yet high-quality efficient air purifiers for our clients. So as one of the best air purifier manufacturers, we innovate products that assist in the elimination of airborne contaminants in all living spaces.

    Reliable Floor Standing Air Purifiers

    HisoAir offers the most advanced floor-standing air purifiers for a variety of applications. Our air purifiers are equipped with the most essential filters like activated carbon and medical-grade HEPA filters. Hence, it rest assured that our products have critical mechanisms that help them catch airborne particles. Check out our most-recommended air purifiers:


    HA-W400 (Wall-Mounted)

    30-50m² Applicable area, 500m3/h CADR, 254nm UVC Light, HEAP H14 H13 H12 Filters



    Applicable area 22-38m²
    Max CADR 340m3/h (200CFM)



    Applicable area 78m²
    Max CADR 650m3/h (382CFM)



    Applicable area 20m²
    Max CADR 240m3/h (141CFM)



    Applicable area 12m²
    Max CADR 120m3/h (71CFM)

    Top Rated Floor Standing Air Purifiers Made in China with Full Purification

    Eliminates Viruses

    HisoAir air purifiers completely remove all contaminants. D ust can be avoided immediately in different environments. With floor standing HisoAir air purifiers, 99.9% of these particles will surely be terminated.

    Eliminates Harmful Radons

    Air purifiers, particularly those equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filters, can help reduce the risk of radon pollution. These purifiers are effective at trapping radon gas and particles, protecting against their harmful effects.

    Terminates Odors

    Air purifiers aid in the reduction of pollutants in the indoor environment. This is accomplished through the use of HEPA and activated carbon filters, which are effective at trapping particles and gases.

    Removes Allergens

    Because these irritants are mostly imperceptible, an individual has no idea if they are present in their home. Floor standing air purifiers are essential for removing hazardous substances and preventing the spread of serious infectious diseases.

    Improves Air Quality

    Each HisoAir air purifier ensures undeniably safe and optimal air quality. This is because our company prioritizes continuous filter innovation.


    Because volatile organic compounds can cause serious respiratory problems, floor-standing air purifiers are essential in various spaces. VOCs are gaseous compounds emitted toxic liquid products. Floor standing air purifiers can help reduce the risks that these substances can pose to humans.

    Intelligent Hisoair Air Purification Technology

    Leads the intelligent way of your bath life with HisoMedical latest technology.

    • Hospital grade purifier technology

      Hospital grade purifier technology

    • Virus free filter

      Virus free filter

    • 99.9% bacterial removal rate

      99.9% bacterial removal rate

    • High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

      High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Date)

    • 0.1um Medical grade HEPA

      0.1um Medical grade HEPA

    • 254nm UVC light sterilization

      254-280nm UVC light sterilization

    • HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

      HEAP H14 H13 long hour lifespan filters

    • Tested by SGS & independent Labs

      Tested by SGS & independent Labs

    • Wireless-remote-control-technology-circle

      Wi-Fi remote control technology

    • touch-button-technology-circle

      LCD panel indicator technology

    Are You Looking for a Reliable Supplier of Air Purifier?

    Hisoair can provide you with air purifiers that perform well, in addition to custom-made or OEM ODM JDM air purifiers of your brand.


      HisoAir Floor Standing Air Purifiers Applicable To All Indoor Uses

      960x900px-Home use-HA1000

      Apartments are among the most common residential spaces where the best air quality is required. For standard apartments, we recommend the HisoAir HA-138.

      Air purifiers for apartment

      Office Air Purifiers

      The HA-100 is our best garbage air purifier. HisoAir air purifiers ensure safety because they contain bacteria that, if inhaled, can be harmful to humans.

      Air purifiers for garbage


      HisoAir recommends HA-138 for eliminating all harmful bacterias in restaurants to ensure the safety of customers and the food they consume.

      Air purifiers for restaurant

      An image of a concrete basement

      Depending on the size of the basement, we recommend different HisoAir air purifier models. One of these is the HA-1601, which is suitable for basements measuring 55-94 square meters.

      Air purifers for basement

      hotel lobbies should have an air purifier to circulate fresh, unpolluted, allergen-free air

      The best proof that HisoAir HA-1968 and HA-138 have always covered their rooms is hotel companies. Our air purifiers keep hotel rooms at their best by removing 99.9% of harmful substances.

      Air purifiers for hotel rooms


      Because children are susceptible to viruses and diseases, clean air in learning environments is critical. As a solution, we recommend HisoAir HA-1296.

      Air purifiers for school and classroom

      Bedroom Air Purifiers

      Homes are thought to be the most contaminated of any living space. While people come up with solutions, HisoAir provides the HA-1601 and HA-1968 to help with the removal of unwanted airborne particles.

      Air purifiers for homes


      A quality air purifier, such as the HisoAir HA-400, is recommended to maintain good air quality in standard work spaces and offices.

      Air purifiers for office


      With a 12 square meter reach, the HisoAir HA-1601 air purifier is adequate for most hospital rooms and offices.

      Air purifiers for hospital

      Why You Should Choose HisoAir For Floor Standing Air Purifiers

      Verified by SGS and Other Laboratories

      All of our air purifiers have been AHAM and Standard Global Services-approved. Independent laboratories all over the world have demonstrated that our products meet their quality standards when subjected to rigorous testing. Given that these standards and laboratories are among the most prestigious appliance certifications, HisoAir ensures high-quality and environmentally friendly devices.

      Activated Carbon Filters

      Activated carbon filters effectively remove gases, vapors, and odors. They are used in air purifiers to adsorb harmful gases such as aldehydes and toluene. These filters also help to suppress volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

      Exemplary CADR

      The Clean Air Delivery Rate of HisoAir air purifiers is high (CADR). This is done to improve indoor air circulation, which helps to purify the air you breathe. This will aid in the improvement of the quality of your indoor air.


      Get Private Labelling or OEM Service at HisoAir

      Private Labelling Air Purifiers

      HisoAir offers private labelling services to clients who have reviewed and approved the design and specifications of HisoAir's air purifiers. Following the agreement's signature, the selected products will be labelled with the client's name.

      OEM Air Purifer Service

      HisoAir provides OEM services to partners who meet the product specifications. HisoAir provides
      research, design, engineering, mock ups or modifications, testing, and mass production based on the client's finalized design.

      Order HisoAir Floor Standing Air Purifier Easily

      But though we provide both private labeling branding and OEMs, it is still necessary to provide some information on how to easily order your preferred HisoAir floor standing air purifiers. Continue reading to learn the three simple steps to take.

      1. Design

      HisoAir starts the design process with market research. This addresses potential brand influences and vice versa. Based on your specifications, the team decides which existing air purifiers to offer and recommend.

      2. Sample

      This procedure consists of samples. When the prototype is finished, we'll test it to see what other features our product requires, and whatever they are, they'll be added or removed.

      3. Manufacturing

      Finally, the mass production. The manufacturing process begins once all of the components of the finalized sample are tested and approved. This will cover the entire quantity of products required by the client.

      What are Floor Standing Air Purifiers

      The functions of HisoAir floor standing air purifiers are the same as those of our wall-mounted and desk air purifiers. Except that this type is typically larger and is thus used in large environments. This kills microorganisms that are harmful to humans.

      How Does Floor Standing Air Purifier Works

      Floor standing air purifiers are preferred for use in large spaces because they can cover and reach high amounts of contaminants in a room. Their primary application is in areas where disease-causing gases and particles are present. However, these air purifiers are not far behind in terms of quality. Activated carbon air filters and HEPA filters are still used in floor standing air purifiers.

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