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HisoAir™ aims to bring the quietest air purifiers to the world. We have 20 years of experience in OEM & ODM projects to push your business further.

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    Air Purifiers In These Places Need To Be Silent

    Almost all the air purifiers on the market are noisy. That is a big pain point for the air purifier industry.
    HisoAir™ has developed Decibel Cancellation™ Technology to bring quiet air purifiers to the world.





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    Decibel Cancellation™ Technology

    HisoAir™ does lots of R&D and research in the motor, duct design & material. Finally, after hundreds of tests, we achieved this technology, which can lower the noise by about 10 dB compared with other air purifiers

    When we talk about the noise level control for air purifiers, it appears that three reasons caused the noise. Firstly, the noise of the motor engine itself; Secondly, the noise is from the vibration of the motor engine inside the air purifier; Thirdly is the air duct that creates the noise.  Our Decibel Cancellation™ Technology includes the below solutions to solve the problem of noise.


    A Germany-made turbo motor is chosen, not entirely using its engine capacity so the engine can run at low speed and not cause too much noise.

    Silent Air Duct Design

    Advanced two-sided air inlet & one-sided air outlet design of air duct creates double air volume to ensure high CADR performance even when the motor is not running at high speed.

    Noise Reduction Material

    We use the premium noise-reduced material surrounding the motor. By all these steps, we can lower the noise by about 10 dB compared with that of other air purifiers

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    Would You Like to Develop Your Own Brand Quite Air Purifiers?

    We got a full product platform to provide different solutions for various requirements & budgets. Just send us a message to push your business further.

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      Why Choosing Us

      HisoAir is the unique factory that owns the Air Flow Rate & Pressure Measurement Apparatus which is CNAS approved. It enables us to develop Decibel Cancellation™ Technology and achieve the goal of reducing the noise to 44dB while the air volume is 1000m³/h. This is a revolutionary change to the air purifier industry, it makes Quite Air Purifiers into reality.

      To achieve such an effect of low noise, the R&D designer deducted hundreds of combined tests from materials, structure, frame, and the fan's location. And now we are proud to say that Nobody else on the market can make the machine such quiet as we do.

      Quiet Air Purifier

      80m³ CADR Testing Room

      Quiet Air Purifier

      Purifier Performance Lab

      Quiet Air Purifier

      Pneumatic Performance Lab


      Acoustic Test Room

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      Customers Feedback

      James Pace  Germany CEO

      " I found HisoAir from their website. After confirming the customizable needs about the air cleaner, they replied they can do modifications as I request. So I highly recommended them as your air purifiers business partner "

      Paul Ryan  Ireland manager

      " I can honestly say that having worked with HISO AIR over the past three years I would consider them as one of the most professional, customer-focused, and product quality-driven company's that I have worked within recent years. "

      John I Royo  General manager

      " This is a very dynamic team. I have had many contacts and cooperated with them. But from the Air Disinfection Machine and Air Purifier field, they have given me a lot of professional supports, especially in model and CADR choose "

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